Wednesday, 23 November 2016

How IoT Makes Our Life Easier And Comfortable

The concept of the Internet of Things was introduced by Peter T. Lewis in September 1985 in U.S. With the involvement of this technology, life becomes easy and comfortable. Nowadays every field is using IoT technology for the enhancement of their product and services.

The IoT Solutions allow objects to control and sensed remotely across network area.Because of this networking net two electronic devices can communicate with each other with the help of suitable gateway.

IoT will soon use Ipv6 which offer an extremely large address space so that many devices will be connected to it. This is very advanced technology which does not only sense the device but also communicate with the actual activities of the devices.Now with the help of IoT, you can control your home appliances like Ac, water heater and other electricity appliance only with one touch. Now all the electronic gadgets companies using the IoT technology to make their product different and effective.

Recently, we heard the news that LG company introduced an Air conditioner which will automatically start after sensing your presence in the home. In the same way, many water heaters are automatically warm the water by sensing the time, you only need to schedule the timings in it. IoTSolution and Services are making a boom in the industries with its advanced features and effective networking. Aerospace and automobile companies are growing with the involvement of this new technology.

Now GPS tracking system able  to find correct destination only by sitting in the car and in case you forget to fill your car's tank with petrol or diesel then it will reminds you. All this is possible just because of the launching of IoT technology.

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